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2007 SPS National Interns
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2007 SPS national interns


Special Feature:

The First Man-Made Nuclear Explosion
By L. Worth Seagondollar
Co-Founder of SPS and Professor Emeritus
North Carolina State University

This transcript from a talk given at the 2007 Intern Presentations describes one of the greatest war-time experiences possible for a young graduate student, including an eye-witness account of the 1945 plutonium fission device explosion in the New Mexico desert. Living and working in the secret Manhattan District laboratory was truly unique. Hearing talks by Nobel Laureates (past & future), participating in nuclear experiments that determined the critical masses for U-235 and Pu-239, having near-catastrophic accidents, working with an armed guard watching you, having Enrico Fermi ask you to come to his office--these are unforgettable memories.

Left to right: Meagan Saldua, Enrique Carrion, Ryan Field, Andrea Roma, Jesus Cantu, Justin Reeder (kneeling), Krystyna Dillard-Crawford, and Andrew Coughlin.  

Jesus Cantu Jesus Cantu
New Mexico State University
Internship: NASA-Goddard Spaceflight Center

Ryan Field Ryan Field
North Carolina State University
Internship: SPS SOCK/MRSEC

Justin Reeder Justin Reeder
University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Internship: SPS SOCK/ComPADRE: The Nucleus

Enrique Carrion Enrique Carrion
Georgia State University
Internship: NIST

Krystyna Dillard-Crawford Krystyna Dillard-Crawford
Mesa State College
Internship: NIST

Andrew Coughlin Andrew Coughlin
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Internship: APS ComPADRE (Physics To Go/PTEC)

Meagan Saldua Meagan Saldua
Angelo State University
Internship: APS Physics Quest

Andrea Roma Andrea Roma
Green River Community College
Internship: American Association of Physics Teachers



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