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Enrique Carrion Enrique Carrion
Georgia State University
Internship: NIST

Hello Everybody!

My name is Enrique Carrion I am junior at Georgia State University. I am a physics major, as most of you, and I also take engineering classes as a part of my concentration. I am exploring how engineering is because I want to leave it as an option for graduate school, but so far, I am leaning towards physics. Who knows, we'll see in one more year.

Anyways, I am originally from Lima-Peru, but I have been living in Atlanta, Georgia for the past four and a half years. I finished my senior year of high school in Duluth (like an hour away from Atlanta), and then I went straight into college. Georgia State is a new school for most people out of the state. They usually relate Georgia with UGA and GaTech, those are great schools but we are also trying to get there. Big part of my experience at GA State has been the SPS. We have a small chapter down here in Atlanta, but it certainly has been a great to meet those guys. I was elected to be president for next semester so I am really excited about it.

I am basically an easy going guy and I enjoy having a good time. I particularly like outdoors activities and sports. Neither of which I have been able to do in while due to a very weak ligament in my left ankle. I sprained my ankle playing basketball more than three months ago and it was by far the worst sprained I have had in my life, and believe me I have many. I used to play basketball ever since I can remember, and having had to be away from all sports has not been my most pleasant experience. But that’s life I hopefully I will be better soon.

I am really excited about going to D.C. this summer; I have never been to our nation’s capital, and I plan to do a lot of sightseeing and visiting of museums. Hopefully we can arrange to do that as a group.

I am looking forward to personally meet all of you and enjoy our summer experience.
Good luck with finals and even more if you are taking ‘Quantum’ this semester.

PS: Maybe we should add each other in facebook?


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