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2007 SPS National Interns
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Jesus Cantu Jesus Cantu
New Mexico State University
Internship: NASA-Goddard Spaceflight Center

Hello everyone,

My name is Jesus Cantu and I am a senior majoring in physics at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM. I am originally from San Antonio, TX. I'm probably a little older than most of the other interns. I didn't start college until I was 26. Before I went back to school I did a variety of things. For instance, I played in a band that toured the South and worked as a political organizer. After 2 campaigns, I realized a career in politics wasn't for me and I decided to go back to school. My lifelong love of science and curiosity about the physical processes which govern the behavior of our universe naturally led me to physics.

I am currently finishing out my term as president of the NMSU chapter of SPS and next semester I will serve as secretary. My main goals have been to get our chapter to be more involved both on campus and in the community, and next year I would like to see more recruitment into SPS. After graduating, I would like to pursue a graduate degree or teach high school physics.

I enjoy cooking, playing guitar, watching/playing basketball, riding my bike, gardening, building things, and spending time with my wife, Kristi. This will be my first trip to D.C. and I can't wait to meet everyone.

-Jesus Cantu


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