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2005 SPS National Interns
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Lindsay Windsor Lindsay Windsor
Cornell University, NY

Internship: National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST)

Since we've already established that we're all intellectual, nerdy, and fascinated by physics, I'll introduce my non-academic self to you :)

I love meeting new people and stepping outside my comfort zone. I'm excited to stretch myself this summer with the experience of the internship, while learning from all of you. I love Starbucks, cows, Hebrew, Israel, sourdough bread, bubble tea, California, flip-flops, sunshine, sleep, a cappella four-part harmony, sewing, free t-shirts, sailing, traveling, adventures, the Beach Boys, Beatles, Mandarin, China, and of course my family. I'm also passionate about my current involvement with Habitat for Humanity and Campus Crusade for Christ.

And one of my personal goals for the summer is to learn to play guitar - anybody interested in teaching me? :)

Looking forward to meeting you all soon,



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