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2005 SPS National Interns
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Rebecca Keith Rebecca Keith
Drew University, NJ

Internship: SPS Outreach/ComPADRE

Hello all,

My name is Rebecca Keith and I am a junior at Drew University in NJ, where I also grew up. I am interested in pursuing 3-2 Engineering Program they have at Drew, so hopefully will start studying engineering next year. I have yet to decide what type of engineering, at this point I'm wavering between Mechanical and Electrical.

I like mind games, learning new languages, and eating sushi. I also enjoy sports and videogames. I studied Spanish and Japanese in school but think I've lost most of it. I am a member of the Flute Orchestra at Drew, an ensemble that only has flutes. I enjoy working with children, and would have probably become an elementary school teacher if I did not have an interest in science.

I look forward to being in DC and meeting all of you.



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