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2005 SPS National Interns
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Matthew Hall Matthew Hall
Coe College, IA

Internship: American Association of
Physics Teachers

My name is Matt Hall, and I am a junior double major in physics and philosophy at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. Coe is a small liberal arts college--about 1300 students--with a great physics department. I'm from the small town of Mosinee in north central Wisconsin, and I am thinking strongly about becoming a high school physics teacher.

I'm involved with a wide range of things on campus, from working in our writing center and at the computer services department to the literary society. I've presented at several conferences--a couple in philosophy and several with the writing center. My senior honors thesis will be in the general area of philosophy of science with more focus coming later. I also run cross country and hope to put in a lot of miles this summer. Somehow I've wound up in charge of several websites, which gets added onto an already busy schedule.

Just in case our nerdy, intellectual quota has not been met, I will share my newest hobby with you. I'm sure you've all heard of Pi Day. Well, math club put up signs advertising a Pi Day event, with a bunch of digits and "how many digits can you remember?" written at the bottom. For some reason I took their challenge seriously and now can recite (from memory of course) 560 digits... and counting. I also memorized the periodic table in order. It's all completely useless, but fun.

I'm excited about being in DC this summer and meeting all of you.



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