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Kibrom Tewolde Kibrom Tewolde
Truman State University, MO

Internship: ComPADRE Student Collection
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July 30 , 2004

THE journey has come to a STOP

As they say, for every beginning there is an END and thus this would be my last journal entry. It has been a great battle, a surmountable one at that. I have had such a great time in the corporate world and the memories would surely stick with me forever. I have learned the essence of accomplishing tasks in a manner endowed with professionalism and efficiency. Presentations went really well based on the feedback we got form the audience members.

Getting off subject, the weekend was great as Matt, my frat brother came to visit me and we had a good time catching up on ol times. (God, I m saying ol like I ve been through life ) On Sunday, I accomplished a great feat. I went to the Woodley Park/Adam s Morgan Zoo up on Connecticut Ave. and saw wildlife at its best. Well, most of the animals weren t even around but still it was quite a show. I went in with my friend Mike to watch the movie, the Bourne Supremacy which was a kinda cliché of a movie. It had all the side effects of a typical you know what s going to happen in the end movie. We went out to eat after that at a cozy place up in Dupont Circle.

After the presentations on Tuesday, we had a tour of AGU (American Geophysical Union), which was very informative. On Wednesday, Jack took us to a play at the Arena Stage on Waterfront. Crowns, an excerpt of The African American Praise in Church was very deep and very profound. It had a great message and I learned the reason behind wearing Hats on Sunday praise services! After the show, all the interns had dinner at TGIF. Thanks a lot once again Jack!

The next day at work, Doug and Liz gave us a little going away present that included T-shirts and various items we could use at school. That was very generous and thoughtful of them. Other than that, the week was really something else. A lotta rain and hail seemed to be occupying the evenings preventing us from a lot of ventures. Nevertheless, that would not deter me from anything. My brothers Dave and Mahder are supposed to visit me this weekend. We ll have a blast and I know it for sure. We might check out The Village. That's what the buzz is in town.

Well for my closing remarks, it has been REAL this summer. Had a blast like I had planned. I hope everybody has a great time and good luck in your future endeavors. Keep in touch!

Adios! Ciao.

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Date: July 23, 2004

Week Seven

This week has been very interesting. The weekend went alright but in a way really made my normal sleeping time blurry and confusing!! I had developed his eerie pattern of sleep and that had taken effect even while riding in the Metro as I would miss my stop and travel further than I had intended. And thus during the week, I would clearly not go to bed until 2 AM and hence sleep on the metro ride while going to work!!

Presentations are due this week and that took a big chunk of my time. I was frantically trying to analyze all the survey datas I had gathered and man was that a lot of data. I think I know every little icon on the excel spreadsheet by now. But I had used Microsoft powerpoint for my work and after consulting with Gary, I learned that I have to give a dual presentation with Allison. So the question of how to go about it came to the table. I worked with Alison dilgently on this matter and we had something along the lines of a presentation to turn in. Thursday was the practice presentation sessions and I had received quite a few constructive criticisms, so did everyone else, and hence cleaned up my work. As a matter of fact, the final presentations are on Tuesday july 28 and I'm still trying to make it smoother.

One of my frat brothers, Matt had come to the east coast in MD for his liuetenant officer training and we had planned on getting into something. He was tryng to move in and settle down so that was posponded to this weekend and thus there is something to look forward to. I also met up with one of my dear friends from my freshman year of high school, Nubia and we had lunch on Thursday. she was still charismatic as ever and we had a lot to catch up on. That was also a highlight of the week. Other than that, you know how it is. You could ask me what's in store for upcoming days and all i could tell you is that I CAN'T CALL IT! -

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Date: July 16, 2004


Hey, I'm back once again to tell you all about my summer experiences in the D.C. area!! The weekend was great as it was my Birthday and I had a really good time. My friend, Mike and I went out to this elegant place up on 14th st. and I and had a plethora of fun. We also met one of my best high school buddies, Abel and we kicked it hard, so to speak figuratively.

We went to a senate hearing regarding Adult Stem cells on Capital Hill on Tuesday, July 13th and it was quite a show. Lawyers vs. Scientists, the battle was quite a spectacle. The scientists presented their testimonies and then the lawyers just ripped them apart with yes or no questions. The scientists were getting frustrated in the end because they were not concise in the manner they tried to answer the senators' objections. Never the less, the doctors had a valid aliby; patients that had been treated with stem cells and that had shown dramatic improvements in their lives. It was an experience that will stay in my mind for a while because I realised that no matter how legitimate your case is; its all about articulating it in a manner that will make everybody quiet. THat's all it is...

The tour to NIST was a very awesome one. Two of the interns working at NIST, Joe and Anthony were especially working in the electronics section and their projects reminded me of the research I had done last year on Condensed Matter at Michigan Stae University. NIST appparently has a Class 100 clean room; only a 100 particles per cubic foot of space... WOW! The one i heard about and was great at the time was a Class 1000 clean room.. Other than that, the days went kinda slow and things were not happening at the same rate, at times even being SSDD (you know what I mean, right!) But this week had definitely been a blast and I look forward to meeting up with my A Phi Frat, Matt who'll be in Maryland for the rest of the summer and the Fall! That's TIGHT... well, thats about it for this week... I'll giive you highlights on upcoming two weeks...( we only got two weeks.  :(

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Date: July 9, 2004

Keeping it REAL!

Guess what? I just turned 22 and I feel like I'm getting up in the world. You know how you get the feeling that you never thought you'll be 22 when 18 seemed to be like yesterday? Yeah I had that feeling till I told some of my fellow employees at AIP about my age and they made it a point to say, AAAWWH! You still a BABY! Oh well, take as it is, right? Anyways, last weekend was a blast! My boys from Boston had come up and visited me. We had a good time to say the least. We went to the folk festival on Saturday and had lunch: we mixed latino grill with seafood-the result- WOW! Tasty yet impounding on the stomach Better put into words, Where will you be when your diarrhea comes? lol Anyways, we watched Spider man 2 which was in my opinion better than the first one but was too much stunt action; made one of the audience member yell, WHHHHAAAAT? That was hilarious (if you know about Lil John, you definitely know what I'm talking about!!!

We went out that evening to a place called, Fiemondo which had a dress code but was lacking in people- interesting? Sunday, we took it easy. IT WAS RAINING!! The day was JULY 4! On national news, Washington D.C might not have a firework display if the rain continues at this rate. Everybody was sad, you can almost tell from their faces-the frowns and disappointments. Me and my boys went to visit another friend of ours who lives in Silver Spring, MD. We played ball and man it had been a while since I last played!

Monday, being a holiday, I suddenly felt there was nothing to be done! I didn't have this feeling in so long when you know how you have no clue what to do. Well, I went to Pentagon city and did nothing but window shopped. Anyways, back in the office I managed to gather some more data on my new survey results and also wrote up a new survey directed to students. Gary gave it the finishing touches while Tracy updated it into the survey and it was ready to roll. I sent it out to about 4800 students and received about 100+ responses in like a day! I don't know what the weekend response rate is going to be like. I would say this week was rather well spent and I look forward to this evening to spend my birthday in a rather delicate manner- Make it smooth, you know how it is!

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Date: July 2, 2004

Still FRESH in the corner

Well, what do you know! We're almost halfway through the internship and it feels like we just got in D.C yesterday.

This week was interesting in its on unique way. The weekend started off with a visit to the Smithsonian; The National Mall for the folk festival which had all sorts of interesting displays of Haitian and Latino cultures. The weather on the other hand was simply unbearable. It was too HOT; mid 90's so to speak. All was well and the evening was rather spent in my room, yet again. Yeah I know, there wasn't much else goin on though...:). See the thing was, I HAD LOST MY SOUL! On sunday, Joe and I went to a McDonalds store for quick eats and what was planned to be a quick stop turned out to be a 3 hour charade where we wandered on 18 street being part to the exotic night life scene. When we reached Dupont Circle, we saw B-BOY free-style exhibit which was simply more than exquisite. we had a good time.

The week started off very promising. I was engulfed with tasks that were interesting enough to make me say, "Man, its Lunch time already?" I worked out extensively in the AIP gym though, so my nights filled with sprains and strains. I met a family member of mine, Embeza who used to school with my mom and his 17 year old daughter, Maria. We had dinner at Dukum Restarant and it was nice.

Well, I think this week was rather short of stories, and I know for sure that the Independence day weekend is going to bring thrills and shrills considering the fact that my boys from Boston, Maryland and Jersey are coming into town! Something to look forward too, right? I'll give you updates as soon they come through...

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Date: June 25, 2004

The SAGA continues....

Yeah, another week has just passed and man was it quick. The days seem to go fast these days—I guess it's that time of summer where before you know it, you're back at school! The week wasn t that exciting but each day had its rewards together with its setbacks.

Friday night, I met with some of my former high school buddies and had a good time. The next day was the Smithsonian trip with Jack and Gary. I could frankly say that it was a day spent well. I got a kick out of the Planetarium show at the NASA museum, especially the Infinity voyage through the Galaxy! It was very informative as well as entertaining. I was immersed in the experience. The Wright Brothers gallery was also something worth of mention.

We ate at a McDonalds store inside the museum, which was overly priced if you ask me! See, the thing is I work at a McDonalds store for a part time gig and I guess I m used to like paying like half the price for every meal. Thus when they ask me to pay $8.00 for a Big and Tasty meal, I freak out! It was RIDICULOUS to say the least. The dollar menu was nowhere to be found. Funny, where did the dollar menu go? Somethin s fishy, hmmm or am I trippin . I went to the African History Gallery and the Buddha Gallery, which were very well exhibited in my opinion. This made up Saturday on the large. I was not feeling well later on that day so I went to bed early! (I know, it never happens on Saturdays but a man s gotta do what he has to do!)

The Coalition for National Science Funding CNSF was on Tuesday evening at the Rayburn Bldg at Capitol Hill. Matt and Heather, the interns at MRSEC were presenting so Allison and me went to support them. There was a very exquisite reception together with a plethora of famous faces. We met a lot of VIPs so to speak; from school presidents to NSF chair people to organization CEOs to Congressmen. That was a very encouraging and eye-opening event. We had a good time.

Other than that, I caught flu through the week and made my days just miserable. Coughing, sneezing, congestion- you just name it! I was really nauseated. But I think its healing now!


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Date: June 18, 2004

Summer Daze in DC

On Friday, the 11th of June, all interns met with our supervisors, Gary and Liz at the America Café in Union Station, D.C for a fine cuisine. I, being the fearless lad, had the infamous Alfredo Steak, KC style; rare I had said when asked how I liked it. The waiter repeated, You mean medium rare ? And I said, No, I'll have it much on the rare side! -Bad mistake people! The steak was bloody juicy indeed and made all sorts of noises as soon as I poked it with my knife. Scary scene; an R rated one at that. But getting away from the craziness, the weekend was great. I met a lotta my old friends in DC, went out and had a good time. I had to learn the hard way that life in DC is not cheap at all, in fact very expensive. My account was going downhill. Nothing special happened but I got a sense of what D.C was like. I went to Tacoma Park, where they have basketball courts, Soccer playgrounds and places where you could barbeque! That was very entertaining, I must add. I met two of my fraternity brothers from other chapters; one from University of North Carolina and the other from Louisiana State University and exchanged numbers. We might get up sometime in the near future.

Monday was very efficient, as I had to brush up on the survey questions I had started on the week before. After discussing with Gary, I narrowed a 15-question survey into an eight-question survey and had it edited by Roman for the last time. Then to the fun part- I had to learn the Macromedia Dream-weaver software program to create an on-line survey. Tracy helped me with this task and I found the program to be simply awesome for the lack of better words. Astonishing, simply astonishing!

Roman bought us lunch for the feedback we gave him on a stats web page on Tuesday, making it the highlight of the day. The week was kind of slow paced and nothing out of the ordinary happened. We went to Pentagon City more than we needed but each time we went, we had fun. It rained on Thursday, much to the delight of Heather, who thought thunderstorms were the best thing that could happen on earth- AAAWWWWWWW NOOOOOOOOOO! I would say! J.

I m on the final stages of sending out the survey so, employers, be on the look out! Like I always like to say, WATCH OUT THERE NOW! Smithsonian trip with Gary is tomorrow so that would be something to look out for. The highlight of Friday is this joke I read; an answer by a high-school student when asked how tides were formed. He simply wrote; The tides are a fight between the Earth and moon. All water tends towards the moon, because there is no water on the moon, and nature abhors a vacuum. I forget where the sun joins in this fight.

Till then

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Date: June 11, 2004

First Week

I got up at around 7:00 A.M; the Monday blues you might call it, for the first day of Work. After a somewhat smooth commute through the metro, we landed at College Park-ready and on the go for orientation. After brief introductions with the crew, we had a chance to visit the different organizations located at the American Center for Physics. We toured the AIP (American Institute of Physics), AAPT (American Association of Physics Students),AAPM (American Association of Physicists in Medicine) and APS (American Physical Society) all located in the same building. We also visited the Bohr Library which housed a unique collection of physics materials including photographs made accessible for physicists. After a brief stop to talk with Human resources Department, we headed off to meet with our respective mentors, mine being Tracy Schwab. After work, I was by my own. I almost got lost at the Metro Station but with my quick thinking, I was back on track! Yeah, That s How we do it where I'm from!!!

Tuesday was less hectic and I had no problem of finding a project to get into. The projects I'm involved in seem to be a lotta fun so I'm psyched up about them. We met the vice-president of the Physics resources department, Dr. James Stith, who was very entertaining to say the least. the After a considerably busy day, I reached home hot and tired from the sizzling sun only to find out that the rest of the interns were planning on going grocery shopping. I knew I didn't have anything in my fridge so I tagged along, tired yet still moving. The highlight of the day for me was meeting one of my high-school buddies at the metro escalator in Pentagon City. We chilled for a minute reminiscing about the good 'ol times. After that, took a whole load of groceries in the metro!! I called this the WRAP of the day; funny thing- the menu on Lunch specials for the day was a Wrap! lol!

Wednesday was a work day. I met the Editor of the ComPADRE, Dr. Dave Donnelly via the phone and interchanged very interesting ideas about plans to renovate the Nucleus as well as the ComPADRE. Tried to make it for the Reagan procession at the capitol but we got lost a few times not to mention that we had left GW late so we pretty much couldn't do anything but wander around and view the white house from the outside.

Thursday, man, it was all about work! I had accomplished a lot today, putting out surveys and having it edited by Dr. Roman Szujko from the statistical department. Got paid but couldn't deposit it because my bank is no where around the east coast. That was the bad news as Liz put it, and it sure was. Did a bit of touring and went out to eat at TGIF with the other interns; had a good time I must quite add.

Friday, what will it bring! Now that s the question of the day but I have to submit this journal before I start on my venture. Well I guess you have to wait till next week to find out! Hey Sorry!

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