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2004 SPS National Interns
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Allison Gregg Allison Gregg
Univ. Of Louisville, KY

Internship: ComPADRE Student Collection


My name is Allison Gregg and I just graduated from the University of Louisville with a BS in Physics with a concentration in Astrophysics / Astronomy and a minor in Math. I'm planning on going to grad school next spring after taking a semester off (just one, I promise).

I am currently working at Winn-Dixie, a grocery store in the southeast. I have been there for almost 6 years and I'm very ready to get a real job. I like to listen to music (punk, if you please), play on my computer, and hang out with my boyfriend. I am at this very moment writing to you from our trip to Grand Junction, Colorado. Hooray for vacations! I can't wait to meet everyone and have a great summer.


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