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2003 SPS National Interns
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Ashely Smith Ashely Smith
McGill University, Quebec

Internship: SPS Outreach/MRSEC

Hi everyone,

I'm Ashley. I'll be graduating from McGill University with a degree in chemistry right before coming to DC (literally, the ceremony is the Thursday before the first day of work.) In the meantime I'm hanging out at school, working, volunteering and enjoying the long awaited (and much needed) warm weather. The month of May has been great so far, but I'm also really starting to get excited about the summer in DC.

I'm glad to hear that Justin's into ballroom dancing, b/c as a (novice) swing dancer I'm always looking for a partner who's willing to dance! As for my other interests, I like playing field hockey and basketball, running, travelling (and exploring cities--like DC), cooking and photography. And like Jeff I, too, think that languages are interesting/fun to learn. So it looks like we've got some common interests (although I'm not one of the few people who's studied both gravitational and gravity waves!) Enjoy your vacations everyone. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!

- Ashley


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