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2002 SPS National Interns
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Eva Wilcox Eva Wilcox
Brigham Young University, UT

Internship: National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

Hi, my name is Eva Wilcox. I just graduated in physics teaching from Brigham Young University located in Provo, Utah. For the past four years in school I have researched in the area of neutron detection while at school for my Honors thesis requirement, and worked at NIST each summer through a program called SURF.

While at NIST I researched a variety of topics including sonoluminescence, Ultraviolet photodiode effieciencies, and the linearity of those photodiodes as a function of power from the UV light. This fall I will take a semester off and travel to China to teach English in Hefei. I will return in January to start a masters in physics at BYU. As far as SPS involvement in concerned, I was an outreach coordinator for one semester, an assistant coordinator before that, and the activities coordinator for yet another semester. FYI: Outreaches in the Provo area tend to be on the two classes to assembly size.

This summer I will be researching at NIST once again: this time I will study an ellipsometer to test its accuracy, and test some software for analyzing data. The ellipsometer is used to measure how smooth the surface of a silicon wafer (used for making computer chips) is, and to look at impurities in the lattice structure of the silicon or impurities that it has.


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