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Future Faces of Physics Kit
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SPS is in the midst of evaluating and redesigning the Future Faces of Physics Kit. No kits are currently available for distribution.

However, Future Faces of Physics Physpardy can be freely downloaded for use at meetings.

Available free to zone meeting hosts or for use at regional or national physics meetings

From a tactile picture of the moon used by blind students to a book on Einstein and racism, the Future Faces of Physics kit includes many interesting items and surprising stories. The kit is designed to facilitate an open forum where SPS members can talk freely about issues of diversity in a way that is meaningful, but not “touchy-feely.” Details on the contents are given below.

A highlight of the kit is Future Faces of Physics Physpardy, which consists of buzzers, a game board, and everything else that you need to host a game. The questions cover physics topics, famous physicists, the physics community, and more. Check out some of the questions online!

Want a free kit for your next zone meeting? Fill out the request form below and an SPS staff member will be in touch with you shortly.

Future Faces of Physics Kits
  • Play Future Faces of Physics Physpardy
  • Break into small groups and use the discussion cards included in the kit
  • Put some materials on each table during a meal to initiate discussion
  • Display the contents during registration and breaks for students to investigate
  • Watch and discuss Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius
  • Host a talk on diversity issues and use the materials to supplement the talk
Item Vendor Average Cost

Future Faces of Physics Resources Folder

Request from SPS

Free, while supplies last

Future Faces of Physics Physpardy game and manual

Download from SPS


Future Faces of Physics Physpardy buzzers

Educational Insights

$49.00 (wireless also available)

Einstein on Race and Racism book

Most bookstores


Letter from the authors of Einstein on Race and Racism

Download from SPS


“I will not be silent” petition

Download from SPS


CD featuring sign language signs for physics terms

Request from SPS


The Doppler Effect lesson excerpt

Download from SPS


Winds of Change magazine

American Indian Science and Engineering Society


Winds of Change explanation page

Download from SPS


Tactile moon

AAC Core Concepts


Sense(s) of Scale—The Moon...Bigger than Life

Southeast Regional Clearinghouse (SERCH)


Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius DVD



Do we need Julian today? article



Girls Can't What? magnet

Girls Can’t What?

$5:00 each

In ‘Geek Chic’ and Obama, New Hope for Lifting Women in Science (article)

The New York Times


“Accessible” sign



Making Science Labs Accessible to Students with Disabilities (article)



Shattering the Glass Closet (article)



Diversity Beans

$2.65 / 2 oz.

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