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2013 SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor
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Sharon Rosell
Central Washington University

The SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award 2013 goes Sharon Rosell. She is pictured here (3rd from left) with members of her SPS chapter at Central Washington University..  

Dr. Rosell has been a tireless champion for SPS at Central Washington University from her local chapter to the SPS National Council.

Through her unmatched teaching and mentoring, she has impacted the lives of countless students and has seen the SPS chapter recognized for excellence repeatedly.

For seamlessly picking up where the classroom efforts leave off to ensure the success of students, Sharon Rosell is truly an SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor.

Congratulations to all of the 2013 nominees for SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor:

Randy Booker Randy Booker
Univ. of North Carolina-Asheville

The UNC Asheville chapter has been named the SPS Outstanding Chapter for ten years with Dr. Booker as their diligent advisor. He will do almost anything to engage his students and help them succeed, including playing the role of a well-known “Alex” to host a quiz game for the chapter. From outreach to research and everything in between, Dr. Randy Booker is truly an SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor.

Eric Gansen Eric Gansen
Univ. of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Dr. Eric Gansen has provided extraordinary leadership to the SPS Chapter at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. Through his continual encouragement of student leadership, the UW-L SPS chapter has made a visible positive impact on the department and the surrounding community. Tireless energy and supportive leadership definitely make Dr. Eric Gansen an SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor.

Alina Gearba Alina Gearba
Univ. of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Alina Gearba is credited by her colleagues and students as the person responsible for taking a ‘practically inactive’ SPS chapter at the University of Southern Mississippi through a “nothing less than remarkable” transformation. Her leadership and compassionate support, mentoring  and encouragement has resulted in numerous awards for the chapter. With her creative and consistent effort at growing students into leaders, Dr. Alina Gearba is undoubtedly an SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor.

Chad Middleton Chad Middleton
Mesa State College

Dr. Chad Middleton was nominated for his committed service to the students of Colorado Mesa University SPS. He goes above and beyond the required duties of any chapter duties in order to ensure the success of his students. He is a great mentor and motivator, engaging students and the community in a wide range of public outreach programs and professional development activities for CMU students. For his tireless energy and enthusiasm, Dr. Chad Middleton is an SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor.

Kelly Nash Kelly Nash
Univ. of Texas-San Antonio

Dr. Kelly Nash took accepted her SPS advisor role as she entered her tenure track position at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She has supported students in growing the chapter and has reinstated Sigma Pi Sigma at UTSA. Her students are “inspired by her tenacity” and she serves an shining example of what it means to be a mentor, dedicated researcher and leader. She is accessible, inviting and encouraging. For her fervor, zeal and passion, Dr. Kelly Nash is truly an SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor.

Michael Rogers Michael Rogers
Ithaca College

Dr. Michael Rogers manages to balance research students with classroom duties and a wide range of extracurricular activities that enrich the lives of his students at Ithaca College. His colleagues and students attribute the success of the SPS Chapter to his leadership and support of student leaders. By allowing students to develop as leaders and facilitating student ideas for public engagement, he brings value to the whole department. For his continuous encouragement, advisement and assistance to the development of students, Dr. Michael Rogers is certainly an SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor.

Kiril Streletsky Kiril Streletzky
Cleveland State University

Dr. Kiril Streletzky, or “Dr. S” as he is known by his students, has a reputation at Cleveland State University as being “rigorous and fascinating” in the classroom. Dr. Streletsky has invested time, energy and passion into helping CSU physics students build an effective SPS Chapter. His flexibility and compassion have been keys in helping students develop as leaders in the department and in the community. For his tireless support of the professional development of students both in and out of the classroom, Dr. Kiril Streletzky is an SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor.

A truly successful SPS chapter requires leadership, organization, a broad spectrum of activities, and enthusiastic student participation. In determining the recipient of the award, the Award Committee considers the leadership, student leadership development, support, and encouragement provided by the Chapter Advisor to create and sustain a successful program. The award consists of a plaque and an honorarium totaling $5,000, with $3000 going to the Chapter Advisor, $1000 to the Chapter, and $1000 to the recipient’s physics department.

All SPS Chapter Advisors are eligible for nomination for the award provided their chapter has received an Outstanding Chapter Award within the preceding two years during their tenure as SPS Chapter Advisor. In order to be considered for an Outstanding Chapter Award, a chapter must have submitted an annual report.

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