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2012 SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor
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Ajay Narayanan
Green River Community College

Dr. Ajay Narayanan  
2012 SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor Dr. Ajay Narayanan, from the Green River Community College Department of Physics & Astronomy (right), following presentation of the award by SPS President David Donnelly.  

The SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award 2012 goes to Dr. Ajay Narayanan from Green River Community College Department of Physics & Astronomy. This award is the highest recognition of an SPS chapter advisor who has made exceptional contributions toward promoting student leadership, developing and inspiring a broad spectrum of activities, and inspiring enthusiastic student participation.

Ajay received his PhD in physics from University of Arizona in 1997 in experimental particle physics. After finishing his PhD he turned his attention to full time teaching. After serving for one year as an adjunct instructor at the University of Arizona, he joined the GRCC Physics and Astronomy department in 2000.

Ajay has been involved with the SPS since his graduate school days. He has been the chapter advisor at Green River Community College since 2003 and has served two terms as Zone Councilor on the SPS National Council. Having an SPS chapter at a two year college presents significant challenges, but despite this, the GRCC chapter has been named an Outstanding SPS Chapter for the last 8 years, and has received multiple Marsh White Outreach Awards and SPS Student Leadership Scholarships. Several GRCC students have served on the SPS National Council as Associate Zone Councilors.

Among the words written on behalf of Ajay, we find evidence of his effectiveness in his role as teacher and advisor: “Ajay is a caring leader, who encourages students to step outside of their boundaries and construct a strong foundation for leadership, not only for GRCC students but future college students.”

Congratulations to all of the 2012 nominees for SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor:

Ajay Narayanan Ajay Narayanan
Green River Community College
Sharon Rosell Sharon Rosell
Central Washington Univ.
David Peak David Peak
Utah State University
Ajay Narayanan Alina Gearba
Univ. of Southern Mississippi
Willie Rockward Willie Rockward
Morehouse College
Randy Booker Randy Booker
Univ. of North Carolina-Asheville
Chad Middleton Chad Middleton
Mesa State College
Dave Branning Dave Branning
Trinity College
Michael Kruger Michael Kruger
Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City
Sergei Rouvimov Sergei Rouvimov
Portland State University
Michael Rogers Michael Rogers
Ithaca College

A truly successful SPS chapter requires leadership, organization, a broad spectrum of activities, and enthusiastic student participation. In determining the recipient of the award, the Award Committee considers the leadership, student leadership development, support, and encouragement provided by the Chapter Advisor to create and sustain a successful program. The award consists of a plaque and an honorarium totaling $5,000, with $3000 going to the Chapter Advisor, $1000 to the Chapter, and $1000 to the recipient’s physics department.

All SPS Chapter Advisors are eligible for nomination for the award provided their chapter has received an Outstanding Chapter Award within the preceding two years during their tenure as SPS Chapter Advisor. In order to be considered for an Outstanding Chapter Award, a chapter must have submitted an annual report.

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