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2010 Blake Lilly Prize Recipients
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Recognizing SPS chapters and individuals who make a genuine effort to positively influence the attitudes of school children and the general public about physics. Established by the parents of the late Blake Lilly and given in his memory.

Previous Recipients & Award Information

  Hartnell College
Hartnell College

Educational science is very important to Hartnell College's SPS chapter. We began the year with Hartnell College’s annual Club Day, when our physics club volunteers demonstrate various physics concepts to new and returning students and faculty. Among our other outreach activities this year, we also visited four high schools and several elementary schools, and continued our annual spring event, The Physics Olympics. Outreach is definitely one of the most important aspects of our club. Through our outreach efforts, we constantly observe our direct impact on the community in significant ways by sharing our excitement about physics and science.

  Henderson State
  Dr. Shannon Clardy (advisor), Steven Keith, Trey Davis, Michael Bilodeau, Devon, Beau Harrison, Ben Treischman, Clay White, Wresha Parajuli, floating head: Kayli Birdsong
Henderson State University

SPS at Henderson State University and its dedicated members think Physics Outreach is fun, important, and a great learning experience! We believe that it is fun because of all the physics involved in it, it is important because students and other members of our community benefit from it, and it is also a learning experience because as we teach others how things work, we are constantly learning about them as well.

  Michigan Technological University
  MTU's SPS chapter hosts Family Physics Night at Calumet Elementary School. They taught K-5 students about interesting, fun, and impressive physical phenomena.
Michigan Technological University

When SPS members at Michigan Technological University (MTU) aren’t busy working on homework they’re out trying to raise interest in science and physics among the ‘younger crowd’. Of all the activities that our SPS chapter does, our outreach events are usually the most popular among members because they turn out to be a lot of fun and we get to inspire interest in science. Our outreach usually involves teaching K-5 students about science through the use of simple demonstrations and explanations. The two main events we put on each year are the Western Upper Peninsula Science Fair, and Family Physics Night. We also helped to host a new event this year called the Physics Force Circus, which was brought to our campus by the University of Minnesota and drew in over 300 parents and students to watch amazing and inspiring physical demonstrations

  SPS member Jacob Dansie shows a homemade Van de Graaff generator to students at Cedar Ridge Middle School.
Utah State University

Under the sure guidance of our SPS officers, the Utah State University chapter has received both a Marsh W. White Award from SPS and a LaserFest on the Road Outreach Grant from the APS. The Marsh White Award supports in-class visits to local fifth grades made by our outreach team that engage the kids in hands-on explorations of static electricity and current and resistance. The centerpiece of our LaserFest program is a laser-maze game using laser pointers, mirrors, and beam blocks placed strategically on a pegboard “maze field.” Our outreach activities are not limited to those described above. For example, members of our team meet weekly with capable and interested third to fifth graders attending a special science enrichment program that focuses on experiential learning.

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