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2008 SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor
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Dr. Samuel Lofland, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ
Rowan University Physics Club Website

Dr. Samuel Lofland  
Dr. Samuel Lofland (right), Rowan University, is presented with the 2008 SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award by SPS President Earl Blodgett. (Photo by Lydia Quijada.)  

COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND, 16 February, 2009—Dr. Samuel Lofland, SPS Advisor and Director of Materials at Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ, has been honored as the 2008 SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor. The Award, which was presented today by SPS President Earl Blodgett at the 2009 AAPT Winter Meeting in Chicago, IL, consists of a plaque and a $5,000 prize; with $3,000 going to Dr. Lofland and $1,000 going to both the Rowan University physics department and the Rowan University Physic Club.

Rowan University has a very active Physics Club, and Dr. Lofland is an integral part of their success. They have won consecutive SPS Outstanding Chapter Awards since 1999-2000, the year Dr. Lofland took over as advisor. Since that time, the Rowan Physics Club has hosted two Zone meetings, had two Associate Zone Councilors elected from their chapter, received three Sigma Pi Sigma Research Awards, two Marsh White Outreach Awards, two Blake Lilly Prizes, two SOCKs (Science Outreach Catalyst Kits), and most recently, the SPS-LEND internship program. They have attended every Zone meeting during Dr. Lofland's tenure, and they usually have as many as 10 student presentations at the SPS sessions at AAPT and APS conferences.

Dr. Lofland is an active recruiter for the organization, which has grown to about 40 members. Every semester, he encourages the students in his classes to attend a physics club meeting, and reminds them about the free tutoring services that the club offers. Professor Lofland often sets aside time to help club members plan fundraisers and outreach programs.

Andrew Roberts, President of the Rowan University Physics Club, notes that "[Professor Lofland's] steadfast belief in the Rowan chapter's potential and his infectious enthusiasm for physics has ensured that Rowan SPS isn't just another campus club, but rather a nationally recognized organization committed to the education of both its members and of its community." Robert Booth, the club's Treasurer, adds "Professor Lofland has a way of rallying the troops, so to speak. He has a talent for unifying our SPS chapter, with chants and catch phrases such as "top of the food chain" — meaning that we can do anything. He commands a great respect from the student body perhaps because of the respect that he gives to students."

Lofland completed his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in condensed matter physics in 1995, and he joined Rowan University in 1998. He became advisor for SPS in 1999 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2001 and Professor in 2004. He is Director of Materials Research at Rowan and a member of the University of Maryland NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. His research interests include magnetism, superconductivity, thin-film technology, multifunctional composites, and bio-imaging. He has published more than 150 papers, most of which have undergraduate coauthors, and his students have gone on to pursue doctorates in physics, math, engineering, chemistry, and biochemistry.

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