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2008 Marsh W. White Award Recipients
Award Info & Previous Recipients | Marsh White Legacy Presentation

Marsh W. WhiteThe following thirteen SPS chapters have received Marsh W. White Outreach Awards
to help fund their outreach projects during the coming academic year. Marsh W.
White Awards are made to SPS chapters "to support projects designed to promote
interest in physics among students and the general public." Award details...

Randolph College, Lynchburg, VA
  Randolph College

Left to right: Catherine Khoo, Kacey Meaker, Wai Sze (Winncy) Cheung, Reeju Pokharel, Yanpaing Oo.

Physics Day for 3rd-6th Graders
Science Day Website | Randolph College News Article

Project Report

Our chapter will hold a Physics Day for local 3rd-6th graders in March 2008. The day will consist of five hours of hands-on physics activities on a Saturday afternoon, organized and run by student volunteers from the college under the supervision of physics and education faculty. The purpose of the science day is to educate and get children excited about physics

Principal Proposers: Kacey Meaker and Wai Sze Cheung
Faculty Advisor: Peter Sheldon

University of Wisconsin - Platteville, Platteville, WI
  University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Left to Right: Nick Confer, John Grueter (top), Eric Bailey, and Alyssa Butterfield

Physics is Phantastic Phunshop 2008

Project Report

The U.W. Platteville Society of Physics Students is putting on our 9th Annual Physics is Phantastic Phunshop Workshop. This event invites 6th Grade students from 25 area schools to spend a day participating in physics workshops and demonstrations. This year we would like to incorporate the physics of rocketry into our workshops.

Principal Proposers: Justin Reeder, Josh Duran, Ben Rickman, Mike Johanek, and Josh Grueter
Faculty Advisor: Jerome J. Wilson

Augustana College, Rock Island, NY
  Augustana College

Left to right: (front) Vivian Mei, Dr. Cecilia Vogel (adviser), Alaina Orwitz, Rose Davidson, Kyle Weigand; (back) Louis Young and Jake Wietting.

Acoustical Air

Project Report

The purpose of the Acoustical Air exhibits is to demonstrate the ways sound waves affect the air around us. The exhibitions will be transported from the Augustana College Physics Department to local public schools in order to demonstrate the different ways we can observe the interaction between sound and the physical environment around us.

Principal Proposers: Jacob Wietting, Laura Luloff and Gabriel Caceres
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Cecilia Vogel, PhD

Texas State University in San Marcos, San Marcos, TX

Left to right, Kellie Beicker, Gabriel Arrellano, Simona Rieman, Seth Spiegel, Nick Clark, Sy Redding, Jennifer Nalley (seated), Amanda Gregory, Marti Brickner, Chris Jones, Conrad Newton, and Domingo Cano.

Demonstration Team

Project Report

Outreach to encourage interest in physics is a key component in the goals of SPS. One of the most successful ways to promote physics is through demonstrations that encourage fun and interactive learning at local schools. For this reason we propose to fund some new demonstrations for the schools in San Marcos, TX, and surrounding areas.

Principal Proposers: Seth Spiegel
Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Donnelly

Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Left to right—Top row: Anna Petrone, Andrew Eshelman, Vede Ramdass, Sajjan Mehta; Bottom row: Amanda White, J.T. Mlack, Dan McGovern

Physics in Philly: Engaging and Enlightening Experiments for High School Students

Project Report

The Society of Physics Students from Drexel University proposes a series of outreach experiments and demonstrations aimed at educating high school students in the Philadelphia area about various principles of physics. We intend to display these experiments in a fun and engaging way, many of which include hands-on participation from the students. The experiments will introduce the students to some of the basic principles of physics and explain practical applications of such principles.

Principal Proposers: Vede Ramdass and William Stephenson
Faculty Advisor: Roberto Ramos

St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX

Left to right—front row: David Horvath, Brian Bui, Terence Libeiro. Second row: Chris Flores, Toni Tullius, Zack Valdez, Gina Buffaloe, Sarah Rozinek. Hiding in the back: Robert Vargas, Guy Grubbs.

Fiesta of Physics

Project Report

The St. Mary's University SPS chapter proposes to use awarded funds for the purchase of materials and equipment to build a demonstration involving a Telsa Coil and a Faraday Cage. This demonstration will be presented on the St. Mary's University campus for a public audience in order to demonstrate the laws of physics to anyone interested in enriching their mind.

Principal Proposer: Sarah Rozinek, Chris Flores, Gina Buffaloe and Irma Ramirez
SPS Advisor: Olga Lobban

Mount San Antonio College, Walnut, CA
  From left to right—1st row: Ben, Raymond, Geman, Jason, Krit, Caroline 2nd row: Carlos, Ernesto, Andy, Edward, Vinai, Mason(Advisor), Roger(visiting) 3rd row: Joy, Julia, Ray, Derek, Andrew.

Rabid Robotics! Using Robotics to Encourage Students to Study Physics

Project Report

Robotics competitions have dramatically increased interest in SPS on campus and resulted in increased participation in all activities. One of the impediments to increased student participation in the robotics competitions is lack of funding for students to build their own robots. With sufficient funding, Mt. Sac SPS could provide materials and mentoring to get more students involved.

Principal Proposer: German Monroy, Carlos Leal, Vinai Choen and Benjamin Chu
Faculty Advisor: Martin Mason

Penn State University, University Park, PA


Physics Day

Project Report

The Penn State SPS chapter proposes to hold a Physics Day in conjunction with the University's Space Day and Bio Days, held on a Saturday in late April. Geared toward children in elementary-middle school, Physics Day will be a series of eight stations that teach children about physics as they travel on a mission to the moon. They will learn basic physics principles in mechanics, electricity, optics, and spectroscopy as they complete this endeavor.

Principal Proposers: Therese Jones, SPS Secretary and Outreach Coordinator
Chapter Advisor: Dr. Richard Robinett

Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

Left to right: Andrew Fabian, Amanda Biggers, Bob Booth, Scott Roszko, Travis Flemming, Erik Pfeiffer, Shawn Pilkington, Liz Dowdell, Dan Piwowar, Jason DeTata, Lucas Willis, Erin Gordon, and Maria Garzon.

Physics Phun

Project Report

In previous years, our physics outreach program has consisted of small demonstrations performed at local high schools. We now wish to reach to schools outside of our county, and into neighboring counties, as well as to nearby schools in Delaware which were attended by some of our students.

Principal Proposers: Lucas Willis and Patrick Hann
Faculty Advisor: Sam Lofland

University of Texas, Arlington, Arlington, TX

Left to right: Elizabeth Mitchell, Pierce Weatherly, Phyllis Whittlesey, Robert Bruntz, Ramon Lopez, Suman Satyal, Jacob Smith, Cecil Shive, Robert Allen and Nicole Kelley.

A Community-Oriented SPS Chapter: The Physics Circus

Project Report

The SPS chapter at the University of Texas at Arlington wants to build demonstrations to establish a Physics Circus. SPS will utilize student volunteers to present the demonstrations, while learning themselves from the preparation of the demonstrations. We plan to purchase materials to enable us to construct six different demonstrations.

Principal Proposers: Kenneth Crawford and Randall G. Bradshaw
SPS Advisor: Dr. Ramon E. Lopez

Millikin University, Decatur, IL

Left (foreground) to right (background): Matt Dahlman, Brock Alldredge, Andrew Schenk, Stephen Kohaus, Shae Trumpy (sandwiched between Stephen and Rick), and Rick Bearce. Not shown: Bobby Arn and Robert Mentzer.

High School Physics Day at Millikin University

Project Report

High School Physics Day (HSPD) is an event that will bring together hundreds of students from central Illinois to take part in a series of physics competitions. HSPD will provide a wealth of opportunities for students to showcase their understanding of physics and to interact with peers in the field.

Principal Proposer: Andrew Schenk
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Casey R. Watson

Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH

SPS member Cory Myers (right) and Dr. Harmon (left), Chair of the Ohio Wesleyan Department of Physics and Astronomy, demonstrate the yellow emission spectrum of sodium with a glowing pickle.

Ph3 (Physics Phun Phriday): High-School Edition

Project Report | OWU Physics Students Have Serious ‘Phun’

One of the most effective ways to promote physics is providing fun and engaging demonstrations for high school students. We propose to do up to seven physics demos that we particularly like at local high schools. These events will not only promote interest in physics, but also build a good relationship between the community and Ohio Wesleyan University.

Principal Proposer: Rachel Decker
Faculty Advisor: Robert O. Harmon
SPS Advisor: Robert A. Kaye

University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
  University of Louisville

A Rubin’s Tube demonstration At Louisville’s Dupont Manual Magnet High School.

Ruben's Tube: The Physics of Rock!

Project Report

We propose to build and operate a Ruben's Tube in order to demonstrate the physics of sound to elementary through high school students and inspire them to study physics. A Ruben's Tube brilliantly combines music and fire, both of which captivate young people, to create an enlightening visualization of wave phenomena.

Principal Proposers: Blakesley Burkhart, David W. Miller, Albert Bolander and Ben Snook
Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Brown

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