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2005 Blake Lilly Prize Recipients
Recognizing SPS chapters and individuals who make a genuine effort to positively influence the attitudes of school children and the general public about physics. Established by the parents of the late Blake Lilly and given in his memory

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Augustana College

"Community Outreach: School Visits & Science Fairs"

Program Report

The SPS Chapter at Augustana College feels that community outreach is vital to the future of physics as a whole. We create interest in the youth of our community by not only showing that a future in physics is possible, but also that it's really cool.

Our outreach program includes regular visits to local elementary school classrooms to do demonstrations, and we are often asked to return. We also take part in local science fairs.

University of North Alabama

"Circus of Little Experiments"

Program Report

The SPS Chapter at the University of North Alabama has been very active in presenting physics to elementary school kids.

Our outreach program called "Circus of Little Experiments" intends to develop an interest in physics at a very young age.

Eastern Michigan University

"Zap It! "

Program Report

The SPS Chapter at Eastern Michigan University spent the first three Thursdays of March 2005 conducting an outreach program at a local elementary school as a Marsh White Award funded activity.

Seven of our chapter members, as well as our faculty advisor, worked with approximately seventy-five fourth graders at Estabrook Elementary School in Ypsilanti, Michigan to teach them about circuits and the history of electricity and magnetism. We also helped the local teaching staff understand the safety issues involved when their students work with simple DC electric circuits.

California State University—Chico

"Pumpkin Drop, Judging a Science Fair, and Minds in Motion"

Program Report

The California State University, Chico Chapter of SPS has consistently made physics outreach a priority when choosing our activities and projects. We believe that outreach activities for K-12 students are an important part of promoting both physics and general science.

Our three primary outreach activities are the annuanl Pumpkin Drop, judging the community Science Fair, and participating in the "Minds in Motion" event.

University of Michigan-Dearborn

"Visiting Kindergarten-Level Classes"

Program Report

The University of Michigan-Dearborn SPS Chapter has had great success in visiting Kindergarten classes in the past year. We have the advantage of having a Kindergarten class on our college campus as part of the School of Education.

Our success with this class lead us to carry our outreach to a local Montessori school, where the daughter of one of our SPS members attended. That school had five different classes, and we spent an hour in each one.

United States Air Force Academy

"Physics is Phun & Ask Dr. Science"

Program Report

The United States Air Force Academy (USAF) SPS Chapter has approximately 80 undergraduate physics majors and 30 faculty members who participate in a wide range of activities to inspire school children about the beauty of physics.

Some of the highlights include our "Physics is Phun" shows, 18 of which we performed last year to 663 students; and our "Ask Dr. Science" program which engages fourth-grade students in a dialog with our SPS members.

California State University-Sacramento


Program Report

Skylab is a school that was designed to educate the formerly homeless at an ex-military base near California State University-Chico (CSUS) that has has been converted to project homes. As recipients of the Marsh W. White Award, the CSUS chapter of the SPS has played an active role in bringing the excitement of physics into the hearts and minds of the children.

The CSUS Chapter of SPS has engaged these students in various demonstrations and activities encouraging the importance and excitement of learning physics.

University of Central Florida

"Physics in Films"

Program Report

The University of Central Florida (UCF) outreach program has been designed around UCF's highly popular "Physics in Films" course. We use popular films to elicit the interest of the students we visit.

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