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2003-04 Marsh W. White Awards
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Chicago State University


Physics For Your Future

Final Report

Part of the mission statement of the Chicago State University (CSU) chapter of SPS is to get students interested in and striving to obtain careers in physics. Thus, our project is to have two workshops that address this objective, each serving approximately 30 upper level high school students. Students will be invited to visit our campus with the purpose of learning more about physics through hands-on activities and informational sessions.

Advisor: Dr. Justin Akujieze

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


Rocket Launch

Final Report

We propose to improve a bi-annual rocket launch program for community students grades K-8. Each semester the community newspapers are notified, and the event takes place on a Saturday for approximately one-half day. Activities include building the rockets, a short 30 to 40 minute show in the University's planetarium, and launching the rockets.

We would like to improve the program by building a better launch system and providing the students with better rockets and building supplies.

Advisor: Greg Taft

University of Florida

  Left to right: Cathy Yeh (secretary), Jacob Tosado (historian), Colin Shepherd (president), Eddie Calleja (vice president), Layla Booshehri (propagandist), and Yoon Lee (advisor).

Physics on Fire

Final Report

We propose to enhance the learning experience of primary and secondary school students by organizing a series of shows under the theme "Physics on Fire," which will illustrate the physics of heat-related topics with visually stunning demonstrations. A Physics Expo web page maintained by members of our SPS chapter will answer student questions about physics, thus retaining relations set up through the shows with students in area schools.

Advisor: Yoonseok Lee

Carthage College

  Left to right: Michael Ondek, Kimberly Macur, Dr. Jean Quashnock, and Bill Hedden.

"Great America" Physics: Roller Coaster Rally

Final Report

We, the Carthage College chapter of SPS, propose to encourage understanding of and appreciation of physics in the Kenosha community and its schools by assembling a roller coaster demonstration kit called Roller Coaster Rally to illustrate four physics concepts: energy conversion, centripetal acceleration, friction, and momentum conservation. We will demo the kit in three local schools and mount a follow-up to "Physics Family Fun Night" in the College library.

Advisor: Jean M. Quashnock

Angelo State University


The SPS Peer Pressure Team: Enhancing Attitudes About Science with Bernoulli and Pascal

Final Report

Our SPS chapter will provide physics outreach to public schools using the concepts of static and dynamic pressure in the form of an entertaining and educational program which will include flying balls and student-built hover craft. The SPS "Peer Pressure Team" has already made contacts with several schools who are interested in our program.

Advisor: Dr. Toni D. Sauncy

Metropolitan State College of Denver


SPS Community Physics Education Program

Final Report

We will enhance our SPS outreach program of whole classroom presentations to area schools by promoting physics and encouraging hands-on exploration. This will be accomplished through coordination with high school and middle school science and math departments, the refinement of multiple presentation topics, and the purchasing of additional illustrative equipment.

Advisor: Richard Krantz

Ball State University


Left to right (back row): Bob Hill, Dr. David Grosnick (advisor), Luke Kanuchok, Alicia Kalafut, Fred Hill, Craig Hendrickson (treasurer). Middle row: Chris Banser, James Klep, Lucas Snyder, Ryan Castor. Front row: Gabriel Anduwan, Melissa Hendrichsen (president), and Courtney Rowe-Bultinck (vice-president).

Fisiks is Phun: Taking Physics to the Middle Schools

Final Report

The Ball State University SPS chapter noticed the need to stimulate interest in the field of science, particularly physical science, in local 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. An outreach program that promotes a future interest in the sciences for these students was a project that would further science literacy among young people. The chapter plans to visit nearby schools in the Delaware county area to provide a hands-on experience of some basic physical principles and provide information to the students on how those principles can and are applied in everyday life.

Advisor: Dr. David Grosnick

South Dakota State University

  Left to right: (front) Ryan Siebrasse, Brandon Breitling; (back) Nathan McClanahan, John Madrid, Sara Landau, Katherine Brandtjen, James Galipeau, and Jacob Plovanic.

Phundamentally Physics: Elementary Educational Outreach Program

Final Report

We, the members of the Society of Physics Students, South Dakota State University chapter, are currently developing a physics-based curriculum designed to promote physics appreciation while educating the greater Brookings community, specifically the students in the Brookings Public Schools through interactive lectures and participatory demonstrations.

Advisor: Dr. Oren Quist

St. Mary's University

  Left to right: Nimo Cortez, Michelle Kruczek, Christine Zaruba, Sara Reinhard.

Traveling Physics Shows

Final Report

The St. Mary's University SPS chapter proposes to use awarded funds for the purchase of materials and equipment to expand its collection of physics demonstration kits. These kits are used by the SPS members to present and explain physics principles at local elementary, middle and high schools.

Advisor: Dr. Olga Lobban

University of Nevada, Reno


Taking Physics on the Road

Final Report

The University of Nevada, Reno chapter of SPS is currently working on an outreach project called "Taking Physics on the Road." Our goal is to enhance the value of local science education by making our physics demonstration show available to K-12 students.

Advisor: Dr. Katherine McCall

Indiana University of PA

Laser Maze and Sling Shot Upgrade for IUP Physics Olympics

Final Report

The IUP Sigma Pi Sigma chapter proposes to create two separate laser mazes for use in the annual IUP Physics Olympics and upgrade the existing sling shot event.

Advisor: Dr. Muhammad Numan

University of Utah

SPS Physics Outreach

Final Report

We as members of the Society of Physics Students and members of our community, have observed the need for an increase in awareness of general sciences, and specifically of physics. This awareness will eventually benefit the community by introducing more professionals into the field of physics, resulting in new innovations and improvement of our standard of living. In order to introduce science effectively, we propose to visit students of ages 12 and older to demonstrate various physical principles using a hands-on approach to illustrate physics in action. Last academic year we visited two schools and found that this is an effective way to spark students' interest in physics. This year we propose to visit five schools (the two schools we visited last year plus three more) and perform demonstrations and hand out educational materials. The estimated classroom size is around 30 students, which means we will be in contact with about 200 students.

Advisor: Dr. John DeFord

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