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2002-03 Marsh W. White Awards
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University of Iowa

Fun Physics You Can See: Lasers, Holograms, and Spectroscopy


Final Report

This activity is a presentation that will teach students and adults about the science behind many interesting visual phenomena. We will show through various demonstrations the physics of subjects that have always captured the interest of the general public. We will introduce some theories of lasers, optics (lenses and holograms), and spectroscopy (colored light and "glow-in-the-dark") while de-emphasizing the reliance on mathematics.

Virginia Tech

Physics Fun Fair


Final Report

The Society of Physics Students of Virginia Tech held a Physics Fun Fair for elementary school students, thanks to funding from a Marsh White Award. Students from the Blacksburg area were treated to several simple demonstrations illustrating various basic physics concepts. We were able to obtain a room in the Squires Student Center of Virginia Tech on Saturday, April 5, 2003 for our event. There were approximately 35 students who attended the fair, and they all seemed delighted by our experiments.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

The Physics and Laser Light Extravaganza Outreach Program


TextIn spring 2003, the La Crosse SPS chapter received the Marsh W. White Award from the national Society for Physics Students for our community involvement through The Physics and Laser Light Extravaganza outreach program that is presented every year to students throughout the community.

Augustana College

Community Outreach Activities

The College of Wooster

Electrifying Elementary Students with Electromagnetism

Mount Holyoke College

The Power of Light

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Teddy Bear Centrifuge Carnival Ride: Demonstrating a Frictional Force Produced by a Centripetally Directed Normal Force

Westminster College

Every Day Physics: Exploring the Microwave Oven

Rowan University

A Shocking Physics Presentation

Moravian College

Bringing Fun Physics to the Elementary School

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