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AIP & its Member Societies

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) operates within the American Institute of Physics (AIP), an umbrella organization for SPS, the Sigma Pi Sigma honor society, and other professional scientific societies.

The American Institute of Physics
The American Institute of Physics is an organization of prestigious scientific societies in the physical sciences, representing scientists, engineers, and educators. AIP offers authoritative information, services, and expertise in physics education and student programs, science communication, government relations, career services for science and engineering professionals, statistical research in physics employment and education, industrial outreach, and the history of physics and allied fields. AIP publishes Physics Today, the most influential and closely followed magazine of the physics community, and is also home to the Society of Physics Students and the Niels Bohr Library and Archives. AIP owns AIP Publishing LLC, a scholarly publisher in the physical and related sciences.

AIP Member Societies

Undergraduate students can receive free membership in one of AIP's ten member societies for up to three years when joining SPS.

SPS also co-sponsors SPS Research Sessions with many of these societies during their professional meetings across the United States. A limited number of SPS Travel Awards ($200 each) are offered to help fund a SPS member’s travel to these SPS Research Sessions.

Purpose is to increase and diffuse the knowledge of acoustics and to promote its practical applications.
BENEFITS: The Journal of the ASA on CD-ROM, Acoustics Today magazine, free registration at ASA meetings, discounts on books, special events for students at meetings.

Seeks to promote the application of physics to medicine and biology.
BENEFITS: Electing AAPM entitles me to the Medical Physics online journal and I agree to all rules as defined in the online subscriber agreement located at http://www.medphys.org/agreement_text.asp

Promotes advancing the greater good through physics education.
BENEFITS: Member discounts on AAPT products, access to members-only portion of AAPT homepage, discount student registration at AAPT meetings, access to local AAPT sections. Also, free online journal access: The American Journal of Physics and The Physics Teacher. AAPT Rates and Benefits.

Promotes the advancement of astronomy and closely related branches of science.
BENEFITS: AAS Newsletter and e-mail distributions, notices of meetings and meeting programs, participation in AAS meetings at Junior (student) member registration rates, member rates on journal subscriptions, listing in AAS membership directories as “SPS Affiliates.”

Promotes the study of the arrangement of the atoms in matter, its causes, its nature, & its consequences, & the tools & methods used in such studies.
BENEFITS: ACA Newsletter (4/year), reduced meeting registration, right to vote in annual elections, International Union of Crystallographers Newsletter, reduced rates on ACA publications.

Promotes the advancement of the atmospheric and related sciences, technologies, applications, and services for the benefit of society.
BENEFITS: Bulletin of the AMS, deeply discounted journal subscriptions and books, special rate for Weatherwise magazine, discounted meeting registration, eligibility for scholarships, fellowships, and participation in the AMS Student Conference.

Promotes the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics and all branches of fundamental and applied physics.
BENEFITS: APS News monthly, free registration at APS general meetings, one free online APS journal subscription and member rates on any additional APS journal, current career and physics community activities information online, access to the online APS Member Directory and other member-only web sites, all other privileges of full APS membership including the right to submit papers to meetings, join units, and vote in elections.

Promotes communication and disseminates knowledge in vacuum science, technology, and engineering.
BENEFITS: Subscription to the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A&B on CD-ROM, access to JVST online via password, right to vote and hold office, AVS Newsletter (6/year), discounted symposia and short course registration.

Promotes the generation, application, archiving and dissemination of knowledge in optics and photonics. The Society’s purposes are scientific, technical and educational.
BENEFITS: Free subscription to Optics & Photonics News (print & online); 50 free Optics InfoBase downloads; career enhancement and networking opportunities; substantial discounts on subscriptions, conference & meeting registrations; 5 free technical group affiliations and career-building student chapter and volunteer activities.

Promotes the advancement and applications of rheology, the science of deformation and flow of matter, and its applications.
BENEFITS: The SoR Bulletin, discounted meeting registration, access to the SoR Web site.

Other AIP Organizations

AIP Corporate Associates
The mission of the AIP Corporate Associates program is to serve the industrial physics community by improving the effectiveness of people and organizations in advancing corporate goals through the use of physics. Toward this end, they sponsor the annual Industrial Physics Forum, and provide other benefits to members.

Society of Physics Students (SPS)
The professional society for physics students and their mentors.

Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Society
The national physics honor society.

AIP Affiliated Societies

An Affiliated Society is any not-for-profit local, regional, or national organization interested in physics. It is elected to this status by the AIP Governing Board; action by the AIP Corporation is not required. There are 25 such societies currently affiliated with AIP, ranging in individual membership from 25 to about 35,000.

Current list of AIP Affiliated Societies

Related Organizations

National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP)
The purpose and mission of the National Society of Black Physicists is to promote the professional well-being of African American physicists within the international scientific community and within society at large. The organization seeks to develop and support efforts to increase opportunities for African Americans in physics and to increase their numbers and visibility of their scientific work.

National Society of Hispanic Physicists (NSHP)
The purpose of this society is to promote the professional well-being and recognize the accomplishments of Hispanic physicists within the scientific community of the United States and within society at large. The Society seeks to develop and support efforts to increase opportunities for Hispanics in physics and to increase the number of practicing Hispanic physicists, particularly by encouraging Hispanic students to enter a career in physics.

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