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Exciting the Imagination  
Exciting the Imagination: SPS Celebrates LaserFest
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LaserfestIn January, 2010, we set off on a yearlong celebration – the 50th anniversary of the invention of the laser.

It can be truly said that no single invention has had a greater impact on our daily lives than the laser. From the most exotic applications to the simple or mundane, it is the laser that makes possible the many and varied devices of our modern world. It is only fitting that we take this opportunity to pause and reflect on what has been accomplished and to imagine what the future may hold.

The Society of Physics Students has joined in this effort by selecting as its 2010 theme “Exciting the imagination”.  This theme was chosen by the council members at its 2009 National Council Meeting for its holistic, yet simple message: That while the laser is unarguably the tangible product of human minds, it was the imagination (and dedication) of its creators that brought it into being.

That spark of creativity lies within the imaginations of us all and we hope that in the coming year we can kindle that spark, in ourselves and in others. The Society of Physics Students is proud to lend its voice to those who celebrate our past and look forward to our future. And while we may have been taming photons since 1960, let us not forget that it is the untamed and unfettered imagination of human minds that will produce the exciting new world of tomorrow. Let us then take the opportunity that the New Year brings to truly excite our imagination.



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