2014-15 SPS Council Elections
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2014-2015 National Council Election is Now Closed!

Elections for SPS Zone Councilors for Zones 1, 3, 4, 9, 13 and 14; Associate Zone Councilors for all 18 Zones; and the office of Sigma Pi Sigma President are now closed. Each chapter received one vote and the ballots were emailed to advisors online via SurveyMonkey. ALL VOTING IS DONE ELECTRONICALLY.

If you want to learn more about the current council, please visit: To learn more about what being on the National Council means, read below.

Descriptions of open Council positions:

The Associate Zone Councilor (AZC) must be a member of a SPS chapter. Elected for a one-year term, the duties of the Associate Zone Councilor parallel those of the Zone Councilor: communicating with chapters, encouraging and urging chapters to host zone meetings, attending zone meetings hosted by others, and keeping a polite thumb in the back of chapter officers.

The Associate Zone Councilor represents his/her zone at the annual SPS National Council meeting. This means that your nominee for Associate Zone Councilor must be a student member of SPS in 2014-15. The next Council meeting will be held 18-21 September 2014. All students wishing to run for Associate Councilor Representative MUST plan on staying through noon the 21st of September.

The Zone Councilor (ZC), elected for a three-year term, communicates regularly with all chapters about SPS interest in the zone and at the national level, reminds chapters of deadlines in the SPS calendar, and meets with individual chapters as time and resources permit. The Zone Councilor also encourages, keeps a polite thumb in the back of chapter advisors, and represents his/her zone on the National Council. The next Council meeting will be held 18-21 September 2014.

The Zone Councilor ensures that zone meetings are organized and held. This does not mean that the Zone Councilor organizes them him/her-self; it means that the Zone Councilor asks (and sometimes coaxes) chapters to host a zone meeting. If the Zone Councilor is a Sigma Pi Sigma member, then he/she may install new Sigma Pi Sigma chapters at a chapter’s invitation.

The Sigma Pi Sigma President, elected for a two-year term, represents Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society, and its members to the SPS Executive Committee and the Council. The President also provides liaison, together with the Director of the Society of Physics Students, between Sigma Pi Sigma and the Association of College Honor Societies.

In addition, the President serves as ex-officio to the AIP Advisory Committee on Physics Education, serves on the planning committee of the quadrennial Congress of Sigma Pi Sigma, and may be invited to officiate at the installation of new chapters of the honor society.

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