SPS National Council
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The SPS National Council is the governing body for the Society of Physics Students and Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society.
2014-15 SPS Executive Committee

DJ WagnerPresident, SPS
DJ Wagner | Email | Bio
Grove City College
Grove City, PA
Sean BentleyDirector,
SPS & Sigma Pi Sigma

Sean Bentley | Email | Bio
American Institute of Physics
College Park, MD
Willie S. RockwardPresident, Sigma Pi Sigma
Willie S. Rockward | Email | Bio
Morehouse College
Atlanta, GA
Earl BlodgettHistorian,
SPS & Sigma Pi Sigma

Earl Blodgett | Email | Bio
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
River Falls, WI
Allen ScheieAssociate Councilor Representative
Cameron Caligan | Email
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA
Dwight E NeuenschwanderAt-Large Exec. Committee Member
Dwight Neuenschwander | Email | Bio
Southern Nazarene University
Bethany, OK

Dr. Robert G. W. BrownCEO, American Institute
of Physics

Dr. Robert G. W. Brown | Email | Bio
American Institute of Physics
College Park, MD

2014-15 Zone Councilors & Associate Zone Councilors
Zone 1 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Sharma PrashantZone Councilor
Prashant Sharma
Suffolk University
Dominic ChangAssociate Zone Councilor
Dominic Chang
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Zone 2 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Michael RogersZone Councilor
Michael "Bodhi" Rogers
Ithaca College
Amanda LandcastleAssociate Zone Councilor
Amanda Landcastle
The College of Brockport
Zone 3 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Jose LopezZone Councilor
Jose Lopez
Seton Hall University
Robyn SmithAssociate Zone Councilor
Robyn Smith
Drexel University
Zone 4 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Peter SheldonZone Councilor
Peter Sheldon
Randolph College
Kevin CheriyanAssociate Zone Councilor
Kevin Cheriyan
University of MD - College Park
Zone 5 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Randy BookerZone Councilor
Randy Booker
University of North Carolina Asheville
Wren GregoryAssociate Zone Councilor
Wren Gregory
University of North Carolina-Asheville
Zone 6 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Ed GrecoZone Councilor
Ed Greco
Georgia Institute of Technology
Cameron CaliganAssociate Zone Councilor
Cameron Caligan
Georgia Institute of Technology
Zone 7 | Zone Website | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Kiril StreletzkyZone Councilor
Kiril A. Streletzky
Cleveland State University
Brandon LaycockAssociate Zone Councilor
Brandon Laycock
Eastern Michigan University
Zone 8 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Jon LevinZone Councilor
Jon Levin
University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Kyle SteffenAssociate Zone Councilor
Kyle Steffen
University of Louisville
Zone 9 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Brian SchwartzZone Councilor
Brian Schwartz
Carthage College
Angela LudvigsenAssociate Zone Councilor
Angela Ludvigsen
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Zone 10 | Zone Website | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Alina GearbaZone Councilor
Alina Gearba
US Air Force Academy
Kinsey-Ann ZarskeAssociate Zone Councilor
Kinsey-Ann Elisabeth Zarske
University of Southern Mississippi
Zone 11 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Tim KiddZone Councilor
Tim Kidd
University of Northern Iowa
Nicole JohnsonAssociate Zone Councilor
Nicole Johnson
Coe College
Zone 12 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Blane BakerZone Councilor
Blane Baker
William Jewell College
Sayan PatraAssociate Zone Councilor
Sayan Patra
Washington University in St. Louis
Zone 13 | Zone Website | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Tim HeadZone Councilor
Tim Head
Abilene Christian University
Daniel FischerAssociate Zone Councilor
Daniel Fischer
University of Texas at Dallas
Zone 14 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Chuck StoneZone Councilor
Chuck Stone
Colorado School of Mines
Samuel HebenstreitAssociate Zone Councilor
Samuel Hebenstreit
Colorado Mesa University
Zone 15 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Gus HartZone Councilor
Gus Hart
Brigham Young University
Kelby PetersonAssociate Zone Councilor
Kelby Peterson
Utah State University
Zone 16 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

David DunlapZone Councilor
David Dunlap
University of New Mexico
Joni ClarkAssociate Zone Councilor
Joni Clark
New Mexico State University
Zone 17 | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |

Stanley MicklavzinaZone Councilor
Stanley Micklavzina
University of Oregon
Jacob FerongAssociate Zone Councilor
Jacob Ferong
Central Washington University
Zone 18 | Zone Website | Chapter Websites | Chapter Directory |
Brooke HaagZone Councilor
Brooke Haag
American River Community College
Amandeep GillAssociate Zone Councilor
Amandeep Gill
Sonoma State University
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