Careers Using Physics  
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Physicist Profiles
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This section presents profiles of people who use physics in their career. They have different backgrounds,
experiences, genders, and ethnicities. Click on an option below to view the list of profiles by job sector or
by highest degree. Many of the profiles have accompanying Real Player clips.

Physicist Profiles
View profiles by Job Sector
View profiles by Highest Degree
View profiles of Hidden Physicists
View profiles from The Industrial Physicist

The possible job sectors are industry, academia, government, and other.
The possible highest degrees are bachelors, masters, PhD, and other.

Hidden physicists are people who have a physics background, but not necessarily a typical physics job.
Think of the coolest, craziest, weirdest jobs imaginable - many of these jobs are held by physicists.
Check out the hidden physicist section to read about some of these people.

The Industrial Physicist, a magazine produced by the American Institute of Physics, profiles people who
use physics in their jobs and who are employed in industry. Check out some of these cool jobs by clicking here.

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